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Affiliated with trusted clinical partners in Metropolitan Atlanta, Therapeutic GI Endoscopy & Associates merges cutting-edge technology with a touch of compassion to deliver unparalleled digestive health and endoscopy services. We understand the critical need for gastroenterologists and advanced practice providers who are not just experts in their field but also trustworthy and relatable. Our practice stands as a beacon of dependability and warmth, reflecting the very essence of the community we serve. 

As leading gastroenterologists in the practice areas of general gastroenterology, interventional endoscopy, wellness and nutrition,  we are dedicated to guiding our patients toward the pinnacle of digestive health. Our pledge is to make your journey towards wellness as efficient and straightforward as possible.

Welcome aboard, where your digestive health is our top priority, wrapped in professionalism and a friendly embrace. 

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How Our Team Can Help

Our dedicated team of specialists is committed to providing you with an exceptional quality experience, ensuring you receive a comprehensive evaluation and personalized approach to your digestive health.

Quality Services
Our highly skilled staff are experts in the most current techniques and procedures, offering superior patient care tailored to the latest medical advancements in the screening for Esophageal Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer & Colorectal Cancer.

Advanced Endoscopic Equipment
We have made significant investments in acquiring access to the most advanced endoscopic and diagnostic medical equipment to ensure outstanding outcomes for all of your endoscopic needs.

Welcoming and Professional Staff
Our team is renowned for their warmth and professionalism. Whether you're a long-time patient or new to our practice, we aim to make you feel supported and valued from the moment you call and step through our door. 
Tailored Patient Care Approach
Recognizing the unique nature of each patient, we emphasize a personalized approach to healthcare, focusing on the specific needs and preferences of every individual. 

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